Subliminal Films has announced their recent acquisition of British psychological thriller ‘THE UNSEEN’ ahead of its bow at Cinequest later this month. Written and directed by Gary Sinyor, the film stars Jasmine Hyde and Richard Flood as Gemma and Will, a grieving couple tormented by the tragic and accidental loss of their son. Will soon begins to hear his son’s voice calling to him, while Gemma experiences strange hallucinations and losses of vision. In an effort to escape their worries, the couple heads out of town to a country guesthouse owned by local pharmacist Paul (Simon Cotton), who attempts to help Gemma and Will control their psychological attacks.

The film is currently slated for a limited theatrical release on May 17, with a VOD rollout to follow. Subliminal Films has also announced plans to re-title the 
film as AMAUROSIS, in reference to the medical condition describing blindness caused by non-optic factors. TriCoast Worldwide is handling international sales on behalf of the filmmakers. 

Will and Gemma are the perfect couple until the loss of their four year old son in a tragic accident. Gemma’s guilt causes paralyzing panic attacks that result in temporary blindness, controlled only by medication, and Will begins to hear his son’s voice calling out from beyond the grave. When local pharmacist Paul offers them his stunning remote cottage in the Lake District, Gemma and Will accept in an attempt to escape their worries. As his first guests, Paul goes out of his way to make them comfortable, although Will becomes suspicious of Paul and his true motives for Gemma. She, however, is grateful for the break, and Paul gains her trust with his sympathy. But when Will returns home, desperate to make contact with their dead son, Gemma is left alone and becomes increasingly reliant on Paul. Love, mourning, and the frailty of the human condition are brought forwards as Gemma, Will and Paul find themselves caught in a downwards spiral of psychological, sexual, and physical violence.